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Nas shoots visuals for ‘Cherry Wine.’ I got really happy inside.

I don’t know how they intend on pulling this off without Amy, but right now I don’t really care. Its just more important that the world hears Amy, probably, at her best. Thanks, XXL magazine […]

Sep, 01

No Doubt complete new album “Push and Shove”, set September 25th as release date and video footage of them in the Studio. Links:

Just in case you missed this. So after months of rumors about No Doubt finding their way back into the studio but never being able to really confirm it, No Doubt releases news via their […]

Jun, 14

New Music | Video: Check out The Seshen – Oblivion. Link:

The Seshen have been amazing for a while. After submitting their music a few months back, I fell in love with their uniquely refreshing style and combination of soul, funk, synths, EDMs and whatever else […]

Jun, 11

New Music | Video: Dee-1 + Murs + Syreeta Neal = Ridin By Myself.

So remember how I was telling you about Murs and Dee-1 teaming up for that nice little tour around the west coast a few weeks ago? Well, it also looks like they teamed up to […]

May, 26

Since its @SkiBeats birthday, I’m celebrating his new track with Locksmith: Breaking Point.

^^That album did not suck, by the way. In honor of Ski Beats birthday, and his new EP with Bay Area rapper Lock Smith (trust me, the EP does not suck), I’m going to help […]

Sep, 20

Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett: Body and Soul (Full Video) | Amy talks about working with Tony Bennett.

*Update: Since they released the video for her birthday, of course I’m going to post it. Not a whole lot to say. Just enjoy the song. Happy Birthday, Amy.

Sep, 12

The Black Opera continue to Impress Me with the Music Video for “M.A.S.H.” (Demonstration):

The talent is obvious, their anonymity stays intact, their music is official. The Black Opera continue their streak of musical winning and finalize their Video Demonstrations with the release of “M.A.S.H.” for you to listen […]

Sep, 05


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