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Album Review: Not only is Danny Swain’s Payback! pretty amazing, it’s what got me hired at Prefix Magazine.

So I’m kinda indebted to Danny Swain right now, on several levels. Not only has Danny managed to release one of my favorite Hip Hop albums of this year (and let me preview it a ...

Oct, 01

New Video: Mega Ran – Buggin (The Metamorphosis). You should seriously pay attention to what this man is doing right now.

Why should you pay attention? Because musically, what he is doing right now is VERY impressive and pretty cool. For starters, your boy is 2 albums into a 3 album, multimedia project dubbed the “Language ...

Aug, 21

New Music: Mega Ran (Has-Lo, Open Mike Eagle and Zilla Rocca) – Super Move. Listen Here:

I ghostwrote MegaRan’s entire career. No, but I am awesome, do help him out with a few things. His brand new track with Open Mike Eagle and Has Lo is sounding awesome. You should really listen ...

Aug, 17

Concerts: Converse Block Party – Thurzday, Pacific Division and Stalley Live in LA 8.25.2012. For Free.

Pretty much self explanitory and a wonderful come up for Los Angeles, I just got word from Stalley’s manager that he, King Thurz and Pac Div are doing an awesome free show in Los Angeles ...

Aug, 17

The sound engineer for D’Angelo’s new album announces its almost done; no one pays attention.

Oh but *I* did. So remember how I’ve been telling you for the last two years that D’Angelo is actually making attempts to get back to his music? Well, now that all your favorite media ...

Aug, 10

Mega Ran | Random just released a brand new free mixtape, ‘Tour: A Date With A Dream’. You should listen.

In other work that I am doing right now, I am always happy to help Mega Ran spread his amazing music and message. This new mixtape of his is free, lyrically great, and everything that ...

Aug, 06

New Music: Listen to ‘Lately’: Anita Baker’s new single from the forthcoming ‘Only Forever’ Album.

So here goes the day I’ve been waiting on for a minute. Today is the day Anita’s new music from her  ”Only Forever” project starts its arrival. Releasing her cover of Tyrese’s “Lately” as her ...

Aug, 06


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