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Finally. Footage of my girl @ElleB_Music rockin with Katy Perry. Link:

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Lookin all sessy and professional.


I’m proud of her like I birthed her.

So My Buddy, the future famous Elle B is currently out there with Katy Perry rockin your lifes and starting the party at your concerts. Now while I haven’t been lucky enough to catch her in action (that will change once she gets back into the Los Angeles area), I have been crossing my fingers, hoping that my  legendary tradition of recording concerts and putting your footage up on youtube would manifest itself with some Elle B Content, and praise Jebus… it has.

I love it. And I’m honored to present My Girl in action. Check it out:



She’s pretty Boss, huh?
You can head over to Elle’s personal website for more info on her, her awesome music and travels with Ms. Kitty Purry.

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April 5, 2011 at 10:28 pm

Guitars and Concerts. Blessings and Breaks. More on what that means when you Click Here:

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The first 3....

So what are these Blessings, you ask? I was just offered a wonderful writing position with the KICKASS site, Autostraddle. Wow. Wowwee wowwow. Now, if you’re from the old school, you remember that Autostraddle was one of the first sites to show love and appreciation to me… just at a time where I really needed it. Well ever since then, we’ve been following each others awesomes and plotting out the right time to form like Voltron to give you some of the best fucking music you’ll ever be exposed to. Crystal and the amazing editors at AS have decided that now is that time. *humbled.*

Guitars and Concerts? Well tonight was an amazing night. A fairly normal night for what I do, but still amazing nonetheless. You can’t complain after an evening of wonderful music provided by Zoe Keating and her SuperCello, Kaki King and her 9011 guitars… sitting backstage in the house Jon Brion built. Real Instrument Playing Appreciation Night. Its going down. Not to mention my bestie Matt Melvin making the drive from San Diego to hang out for a while. I was surrounded by win this evening. It was a great feeling. Windy is all over the video, as usual.

Anyways, with that being said… here’s where the Breaks part comes in. When the boss is in town, its time to get to work. There will be traveling involved, so I won’t be on my computer (like THAT) for a minute.  Also; with the new writing gig

...and the other 4. 7 is the magic number.

at Autostraddle… along with kickin it over at the World Famous Potholes… I’m going to have some writing pieces Ima need to focus on. I have to sound like I’m creditable and like I know wtf I’m talking about… so we’ll have to gear all my good vocabulary and vernacular that way for a minute. But I’ll still be here, randomly writing my ass off about whatever, and then not editing the shit, making me look like a total dork.

On top of all that… Its time to start getting serious about finishing the archival for the site and new layout. You guys know ive been wanting to update my baby for a while, but the health of my friend who is doing this site take priority (hey Chris… I love you. Get Better). The less I post, the faster it can get done… so we’ll see how that goes.

I wont be going anywhere. I’ll be around to update you and hopefully post up the new Dee-1 Interview I just finished.  Until then, just go through the archives, because im sure you havent read everything I’ve posted. You do that, and I’ll see you guys in a few days.


That is all.

Chino XL, ZOOLAY and More at Little Temple – March 23rd. Flyer:

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This is gonna be fun.

That basically tells you everything you need to know.
Can’t wait for this one, on the real.
Make sure you’re following ChinoXL and ZOOLAY on the twitter.


The Future Famous @ElleB_Music sat down with some friends for a quick interview on her Awesomeness. Video:

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Chillin hard somewhere in Asia somewhere. She won.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Elle’s voice and presence for a while. Along with being an overall understander and general winner at life, Miss Elle B is a USC educated, musically gifted, Raheem DeVaughn opening, Katy Perry backing superstar… Lauren is just an overall awesome person, morally aware human being and great friend. In between all of her jet setting back and forth with certain famous musicians, she sat down with Propaganda Champ for a quick interview as to what she’s up to. You should seriously watch this. I pick  nothing but winners.


Pay attention now; she wont be small time for long.

The vimeo video is acting like it doesn’t want to be posted right now, so you guys click HERE to watch.

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February 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm

The @KakiKing: Spring Tour 2011 – Traveling Guitar Freak Show. Official Posters:

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(Since were still archiving, which is killing my ability to upload photos at full size, heres the link for the Full Size Photo…)

Wallpaper Material.

(…and Full Size on this one too.)

Awesome graphics done by Arthur Shim of Root Down Media. He’s pretty awesome over there. Helps me out when Kaki’s website wants to implode on itself. While were talking about that, make sure you head over to Kaki’s website to check out any new tour dates I’m posting; they should be up by the end the day.

I need you guys to go Vote for Potholes In My Blog as Best Hip Hop Blog for me. PLEASE? Thank You.Site

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We're slowly building a Legacy of Kickass over there.

Hey guise.
So if you’ve been around for a second, you probably know that I am a contributor to Potholes In My Blog nowadays. And its been going really awesome. So imagine my surprise when the Site that I just started writing for comes up for a “Best Hip Hop Site” Nomination? Pretty Awesome. I gotta support my hometeam… and I’m hoping you’ll take some time to support us too. If you can, would you PLEASE click right here, and just give a vote to Potholes In My Blog for best Hip Hop Blog? I mean, its gotta be kinda awesome… they put ME on. LOL.

Thanks people.

I've been busy. This is why.

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Plus birthday parties, grammy parties, meetings, 2 reviews ima need to write for potholes, and a partridge in a pear tree.

If its important to me, I’ll post it. But if I fall back for a second, PLEASE understand why. Gotta get caught up. You go get caught up with all my previous posts. I know you aint read alladat.
Enjoy, everyone.

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February 12, 2011 at 2:44 pm


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