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Nas shoots visuals for ‘Cherry Wine.’ I got really happy inside.

I don’t know how they intend on pulling this off without Amy, but right now I don’t really care. Its just more important that the world hears Amy, probably, at her best. Thanks, XXL magazine […]

Sep, 01

Nas releases intriguing video teaser for new album; reveals official album cover for Life Is Good. Photos/Video:

Wow. First of all, its great to see Nas getting all of this wonderful promotion and attention dedicated to this project. I am a long time fan of Nas, his music and his vision… even […]

Jun, 04

New Video: This clip for Nas’ ‘Daughters’ is just about perfect in every way.

It really is. Of course, I am a woman who has seen this story happen many times. It’s great to hear someone address their shortcomings as a parent, and make an effort to fix it. […]

May, 27

Video | Listen: Gary Clark Jr. is bringing back that Blues Rock I need in my life. Watch.

If Cody Chestnutt and Lenny Kravitz mated, then somehow mated with Jimi Hendrix? Well, it might be awkward as fuck, but you’d also end up with Gary Clark Jr.

May, 24

Nas names Anita Baker’s Rapture album as one of his 25 Favorite albums of All Time. Links:

 Teehee! Oh how things like this make my heart pointlessly happy inside.

May, 22

DJ Premier confirms Nas album collaboration, speaks openly about Guru, and RE:Generations Project.

Like, I dont even need to type anything. Just watch the video. Seriously. ALL OF IT.

Dec, 13

Nas speaks in-depth about Amy Winehouse for the first time. Come watch.

A quick post and swipe from my boy at Hip Hop is Read, Nas sits down and speaks about the first time he heard and met Amy, their aligned birthdays ten years apart, and what […]

Dec, 09


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