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Concerts | West Coast: Tegan and Sara to open for The Black Keys this fall. Yeah I might have to see this one.

Short of possibly being on tour, there is basically nothing keeping me from getting to one or more of these dates. Announcing the news on their website a few days ago, I was worried that […]

May, 20

Damian Marley: Set Up Shop. Its New Music to me.

In my intentional absence from the internets, I somehow managed to completely miss the fact that one of my all-time favorites, Damian Marley, had released a brand new single. On top of making one of […]

Dec, 05

Grouplove kicks ass. The iPod commercial cosigned my sentiments.

It all started a few months ago with a random poster hanging in amoeba stairwells, oddly enough. The poster, which ended up being promotion for their new album, just happened to catch my eye and […]

Nov, 30

Mos Yasiin Bey Def Debuts New Music Live In New York. It does not suck.

Swipe from my boy Andrew at Prefix: It’s looking more and more like Mos Def, aka Yasiin Bey, has something special in the works for his next album. It will serve as the follow-up to […]

Oct, 22

DonWill and Von Pea preview a bit of the “You and What Army?” Album.

I dont really need to say much (and I wont, I am a bit tired). What I will say is I canNOT wait for Tanya Morgan’s newest EP, “You and What Army?” Posted up on […]

Oct, 19

Video – Nas: Nasty. Watch here:

Happy day for music. Nas releases the video for “Nasty.” I got happy inside. Watch below, share and enjoy.

Oct, 11

I have Black Milk and Danny Brown’s first single, “Zap!” from ‘Black and Brown.’ Listen Here.

Thank you Hexmurda, you panda loving, hateful motherfucker, for sending me the soundcloud link for Danny and Black’s first single from the new album, Black and Brown! I feel special. But fuck all of that […]

Oct, 11


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