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So my girl Lauren Ball has a wonderful opportunity with The Grammy Association. Take a look and support.

So do you remember my good friend Elle… the one who was awesome and talented enough to make it on tour as Katy Perry’s lead background singer? Well she is still out there being absolutely […]

Feb, 02

Video: Simone White finally offers up visuals for “What The Devil Brings.”

I like Simone White. She stole my name and makes awesome music; can’t be too angry with that. A favorite of the LA Underground for a minute, shes released a string of low key hits […]

Jan, 31

Simone White. Not only does she have important parts of my name, she makes great music.

The name alone is what attracted my interest in her. She showed up at The Bootleg Theatre a few days before Lianne, and she came up in the venue line up on their website. I […]

May, 31

I fucks with Zola Jesus. And I usually dont fuck with these types of things.

Not a whole lot to say, as I am still finding more about her. What I do know is that shes barely 23 with 3 albums and several releases to her name already. Intriguing voice […]

May, 25

Albums: The (Unofficial) Official Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Full Soundtrack. Download/Links:

After years and years of frustration of never being able to find or locate some kind of Soundtrack to the epicness that is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, research led me to find that there was […]

May, 22

Video: Donna Summer (LaDonna Gaines) sings ‘White Boys’ from the musical Hair in Fluent German.

Donna Summer kept you musically right with all kinds of musical hits that spanned over 40 years and and 3 different genres. Multiple hits as a result of a long discography and a 5 octave […]

May, 17

Moves to Los Angeles and signing with Life or Death PR does Mr. Little Jeans a lot of good.

So remember a while back when I pointed out how awesome Mr. Little Jeans is and how hauntingly beautiful her voice and music are in that Honda CRV commercial (click here)? Well it seems as […]

Apr, 03


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