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We play Chess in large amounts over here.

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Mark Ronson + Trombone Shorty + Dap Kings + Erykah Badu + Yasiin Mos Def Bey = “A La Modeliste”.

Potholes came up with this yesterday. It does not suck. Erykah Badu does a distant version of “Dont Forget The Hot Sauce”. Mos Def and everyone who was ever cool pops up. Please watch the […]

Jan, 12

Potholes in My Blog + Music Nerdery = Proh Mic: Rhythm for Days

Been really busy, please forgive my absense. However, life is awesome for me right now and I need to focus on that. Eventually I’ll sit down and explain everything, but not without permission from The […]

Nov, 01

Potholes In My Blog + Music Nerdery = The Away Team: Scars and Stripes. Hip Hop you need to listen to.

The Away Team Album does not suck. Possibly one of the best Hip Hop album I’ve heard this quarter, possibly all year. Great project that touches on everything I’m into. Plus, when you get a […]

Oct, 16

Music Nerdery + Potholes In My Blog = Check out my review on 9th wonder’s “The Wonder Years.”

With all the workin out and prepping for the new job, I forgot that Sundays are Erickadays on Potholes, and that I had a decent review of 9th wonder’s newest joint, The Wonder Years due […]

Oct, 09

Music Nerdery + Potholes In My Blog = Martyn – Ghost People.

So here we go, yet another review for Potholes. After a streak of superwinning albums back to back, I finally got hit with one I really didnt know what to do with. It does not […]

Oct, 02

Potholes In My Blog + Music Nerdery = This Oddisee album? It does not suck at ALL. OMG.

I mean, just WAOW people. I don’t know if Potholes is being nice to me or what, but I’ve had an epic streak of wonderful, winning-ass albums. We can add Oddisee to the list of […]

Sep, 18

Hail Mary Mallon: Breakdance Beach. You need to watch the video and poplock for a while.

This is the beach I wanna kick it at. Theres nothing that I love more than a low budget, borderline parody Musical Clip to accompany a dope, yet hilarious song about awesome imaginary places where […]

Sep, 02


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