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Video | Live: Rachelle Ferrell and Jennifer Hudson on stage together. This is kind of important. Also; Rachelle’s Los Angeles Tour Dates.

I wish I could see this happen more often. The teaming up of the original school, the talent that we grew up listening to as kids reaching out and cheer ‘em on as adults. It does […]

Mar, 25

Ooops. Someone messed up: Anita Baker NOT performing Thursday night at The Message in the Music concert, August 25th.

**UPDATE: Already fixing the misunderstanding, Anita will not be attending or performing in DC for this event. How it got mixed up like that, I dont know… but the publicist team is already on it […]

Aug, 22

Lalah Hathaway’s fanclub posts my Video Content on her Tumblr. I feel special for no general reason. Check it out:

(psst! hit the like button ^^^ for me!) Remember that whole epic Lalah and Anita at Rachelle’s show thing that happened a few months back?

Jun, 03

Anita Baker and Lalah Hathaway Surprise Appearance with Rachelle Ferrell @ The Catalina Jazz Club. Video Clips and Photos:

(Before you read anything, do me a favor and hit the Facebook “Like” button feature up there for me?

Apr, 12

I’m inviting you to My Little Secret: Rachelle Ferrell Live at Catalina Jazz Club – April 7th. Links:

I’ve talked about Rachelle Ferrell before (click here and act like you know). At this point, it will be my 4th time seeing her in the same amount of years. And every time I go, […]

Feb, 28
This is the Rachelle Ferrell Appreciation Post.

This is the Rachelle Ferrell Appreciation Post.

AKA: The “Rachelle Ferrell @ Catalina Jazz Club – 3.22.2010 | Rachelle is in the Studio for the first time in 10 years. PRAISE MUSIC JEBUS.” Post. Now this is what a concert should be […]

May, 02


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