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Video: Nneka – My Home. She is making decent music.

Pointed out by Hip Hop Is Cool Again, Nneka is back at the music thing again. Her lead video and song for My Home is a somewhat impressive combo of reggae style delivery and influence […]

May, 14

Wait For Green is making that quality Spring and Summertime Ska/Rock Music. For Free. Listen to it.

It’s been a long time coming and I’m horribly late, but the time is here: You need to pay attention to Wait For Green. Now if you know the nerdery you already know I’ve been […]

Apr, 30

New Music: Damian Marley – Affairs of The Heart. Video Appreciation: Nas & Damian – Dispear. Links:

I genuinely geek out whenever Damian Marley does anything. So imagine how happy I was to find out hes releasing more music. I’ve searched the nets to see if theres anything on a new album to accompany the […]

Feb, 22

Damian Marley: Set Up Shop. Its New Music to me.

In my intentional absence from the internets, I somehow managed to completely miss the fact that one of my all-time favorites, Damian Marley, had released a brand new single. On top of making one of […]

Dec, 05

New Track ‘Halftime;’ 90 Second Clips from Amy Winehouse’s new record along with full tracklisting here:

Amy, Amy, Amy.

Dec, 02

Peter Tosh: 10.13.1944 – 9.11.1987.

A musical prodigy caught up in some hoodfabulous shit at times. Nevertheless, he was a major creative force in The Wailers, followed by a successful solo career with solid sales and a grammy award. Politically […]

Sep, 11

So this is the point where I start pointlessly chasing all Amy Winehouse music I can.

I hate this point; this moment. Much like after Kurt, after Bradly Nowell… I’m forced to start this search of any news, links or otherwise that might guide me to any hope of hearing this […]

Jul, 31


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