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News: Tanya Morgan & ‘You and What Army?’ EP is amazing + TM & 6th Sense team up for the “Rubber Souls” Project.

I’ll admit that I do have a bit of a bias when it comes to TM, for several reasons. It’s different when you witness it from the beginning… when you see 3 kids find each […]

Jan, 19

Autostraddle + Music Nerdery = The “Lizzy Grant vs. Lana Del Rey” Discussion.

Once I announced I was fuckin with Lana, I got a whole lot of people telling me why I shouldn’t. I was surprised to find out it has a lot to do with that thin […]

Jan, 05

Potholes in My Blog + Music Nerdery = Proh Mic: Rhythm for Days

Been really busy, please forgive my absense. However, life is awesome for me right now and I need to focus on that. Eventually I’ll sit down and explain everything, but not without permission from The […]

Nov, 01

Potholes In My Blog + Music Nerdery = The Away Team: Scars and Stripes. Hip Hop you need to listen to.

The Away Team Album does not suck. Possibly one of the best Hip Hop album I’ve heard this quarter, possibly all year. Great project that touches on everything I’m into. Plus, when you get a […]

Oct, 16

Potholes In My Blog + Music Nerdery = This Oddisee album? It does not suck at ALL. OMG.

I mean, just WAOW people. I don’t know if Potholes is being nice to me or what, but I’ve had an epic streak of wonderful, winning-ass albums. We can add Oddisee to the list of […]

Sep, 18

Autostraddle + Music Nerdery + Two Door Cinema Club Review = Girl on Girl on Music Nerd Culture. Links and Review:

LOOKIT ME! Well, after secretly crushing on the Autostraddle crew once they shouted out Music Nerdery in the early days…. it only took about 5 years and a total writers block fail when it came […]

Aug, 26

Music Nerdery + Potholes In My Blog = Review: Lupe Fiasco – Lasers.

While were still working on archiving, I had to stop and post this up for you guys. This one I’m kinda proud of. It just came out right. First time in a long time where […]

Mar, 27


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