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Mega Ran and his heartfelt Hip Hop tribute to Aaron Swartz. You need to listen.

A really poignant, well done send off to one the internets greatest heroes no one really ever knew about. Peace to Mega Ran for consistantly making tracks that actually MEAN something. I knew there was […]

Jan, 29

Rest Peacefully, Beverly Dewitt Yancey.

Something I need to acknowledge before I get back into doing what I do. A few days ago Beverly Dewitt Yancy – the father of the legendary James ‘J. Dilla’ Yancey – passed away after […]

Sep, 30

New Video: House Shoes – Castles (tHE SKY IS Ours). Watch it here.

Following up on the release of his somewhat flawless ‘Let It Go’ project, Houseshoes gets straight to work and releases the stunning, emotional tribute to his best friend and wonderful human being/musician Jovan Coleman, otherwise […]

Jul, 27

Happy 45th Birthday, Heavy D. I made a spotify playlist of your awesomeness.

Because as long as I have your music with me, Its like you never left. Or at least thats what I tell myself.

May, 24

Interview: Adam Horovitz (Ad Rock) speaks to Rolling Stone for the first time since MCA’s Passing. Link:

Long Live the Beastie Boys. I just want them to know that I will love and respect them and their decisions regarding their music and their brother for the rest of my life. I know […]

May, 23

Video: Donna Summer (LaDonna Gaines) sings ‘White Boys’ from the musical Hair in Fluent German.

Donna Summer kept you musically right with all kinds of musical hits that spanned over 40 years and and 3 different genres. Multiple hits as a result of a long discography and a 5 octave […]

May, 17

You want to learn about Go-Go and Chuck Brown’s musical influence? Thats what this great Documentary is for.

Some of you are not familiar with the amazing legacy of Chuck Brown, or the awesomeness that is the “subgenre” of Go-Go music. It’s okay, you have to be pretty nerdy to know about it, […]

May, 16


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