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News: Missy Elliott debuts new music in New York with Timbaland. Videos:

Pointed out by Prefix (thanks for making me give a fuck about music) and shortly after praising her ill appearance on J. Cole’s new track… she pops up in New York at Tim’s show with brand new […]

Apr, 06

No seriously. Scoop DeVille, Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar just rapped over Twin Sister’s Meet The Frownies. Damn.

In other small musical victories, I awoke this morning to the news of new Kendrick Lamar music being released with Dre as a feature and Scoop D on the boards. I was geeked to hear […]

Apr, 02

Potholes In My Blog + Music Nerdery = This Oddisee album? It does not suck at ALL. OMG.

I mean, just WAOW people. I don’t know if Potholes is being nice to me or what, but I’ve had an epic streak of wonderful, winning-ass albums. We can add Oddisee to the list of […]

Sep, 18
New Redman: Lookin’ Fly. I failed at recognizing the Jackson 5 Sample tho.

New Redman: Lookin’ Fly. I failed at recognizing the Jackson 5 Sample tho.

Gotta keep it short and to the point, but Redman continues to drop songs from his upcoming album, Reggie Noble 9 1/2. “Lookin Fly” is pretty sweet, but I  just got yelled at for not […]

Mar, 08
When Religion And Music Mix Beautifully.

When Religion And Music Mix Beautifully.

A few months ago, I asked a great music nerd friend of mine… Mr. Ryen David… about his interest in Buddhism, and what he knew specifically about Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. This was his wonderful, well […]

Feb, 05

Please. Please. Listen to me. If you like Quality Soul, Listen to Alice Russell. Now..

Sound: Powerful Voice over Quality Soul, Jazz/Blues and Gospel Influenced Music. Album: Pot Of Gold (2008); And her other albums, Under the Menka Moon (2004) and My Favorite Letters (2005). Why? If you’d just listen […]

Jan, 22


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