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This is the Rachelle Ferrell Appreciation Post.

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It's the best picture I got of her all night... because we were too busy going to MUSICAL CHURCH.

AKA: The “Rachelle Ferrell @ Catalina Jazz Club – 3.22.2010 | Rachelle is in the Studio for the first time in 10 years. PRAISE MUSIC JEBUS.” Post.

Now this is what a concert should be like. Hands Down.
If you didn’t know, Rachelle Ferrell is legend in the jazz and R&B game. almost 20 years and 3 albums deep with a loyal fan base, Rachelle can still cause a ticket buying frenzy when she comes to town… regardless of the fact that she hasn’t had new material out in almost ten years.

So what makes her so special? Man. All you really have to do is listen to the woman sing, really. A stunning 7 octave voice that she treats like the true instrument that it is, Rachelle is known for her range, her jazz-scatting abilities, projection of her voice and yes… her ability to beat box. ALL OF THAT. Not only can she execute all of this flawlessly (some at the same time), her live skill game is untouchable. No one does a live show like this woman. I waited almost 15 years to see her live… and it was one of the best shows (since Anita Baker) I’ve seen in a long, long time… I’m telling you. It’s like going to musical church. You come out feeling renewed and like you’ve caught the Music Holy Spirit. Several Times. With a thorough setlist and a powerful live jazz band backing her, It’s the best concert money I’ve spent in a while.

Really, the most important thing to come out of this show was Rachelle’s announcement that for the first time in 10 years… she is back in the studio again. So far, she says that she has several tracks recorded, and is still at work on many more before she is satisfied enough to release anything. From there, she is planning to tour to support the album, so hopefully she’ll be making a stop in your city, and you can witness the greatness yourself.

For those who don’t know, or just want a general introduction… Rachelle’s best songs, for me, are “With Open Arms,” “Waiting,” “It Only Took A Minute,” flexing her jazz skills on “Bye Bye Blackbird,” and the souled up, vocally epic “Sista.”

I’m telling you. This is some great Sunday music. If you’re not familiar, get familiar. For me. You know I’m not gonna lie to you. lol.



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