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International Hip Hop Appreciation Post: This right here? This is why im going to Japan for a while. Just… Wow.

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The ODB of Japanese Hip Hop, they say. Rest In Peace.

So all of this madness started one night a few days ago when @ThisIsJohnBook sent me a direct link to his amazing blog and a brief article he wrote up about Ski Beatz new project called “24 Hour Karate School: Japan.” In short: Ski Beatz takes his ever-expanding talents to the amazing Island of Japan and combines his finest beats with some of  Japans hottest MCs. The result? An impressive album of Hip Hop so well done, you seriously don’t need to know WTF these kids are saying to appreciate their individual styles and what they are doing right now.

“24 Bars to Kill” is the first video from the new project. The song itself is a classic example and execution of  “the posse cut…” Maccho, Anarchy, Rino Latina II and  漢 (Fam, iont even know what that means and I can’t translate it. AWESOME) get 24 bars over a hot Ski Beatz track to go in fully and let you know who they are.  Check the YouTube below. The sh*t is hot yo.

I’m saying. I don’t know what they’re saying. But I know EXACTLY what they’re tryinta say.
God, I love international culture in EVERY form.

I was hooked. Instantly. I always knew that Japan had a love for all things Hip Hop and Soul related (they were the only place where you could find physical copies of Soul Train), and that they were doing big things out there (Def Jam Japan, DJ scene, ect)…  but not like this. My next move was to contact all my Japanese friends and nerds to learn as much as I could about Japan’s Hip Hop culture.  I brought in one of my bestest friends, Nagoya Resident and long time Super Music Nerd companion Daisuke to help me sort out the good Japanese Hip Hop from the bad. We instantly started going over Hip Hop History from the Japanese perspective. From there, he suggested all of his favorite artists from all over his country… but especially those that are native to his city of Nagoya.

One of the most captivating videos I watched that night came from Kochitola Haguretic Emcees… a group from Tokyo, Japan. Seriously, I almost did a backflip listening to this. Wonderful Beatboxing that covers about 4 different genres, interesting videography, just enough english references to keep your attention, and one of the dopest intro-references ever. They’ve been watching us and putting in work over there.

Daisuke then started in on his list of Top 10 Emcees… one of them being Tokona X. An interesting Emcee with an equally interesting history, Tokona was one of the first artist signed to Def Jam Japan,  had a wild and diverse style, and was known for his crazy punchlines and wild shows. Someone made the connection of him and ODB… down to them both passing away at a relatively young age. Controversy still surrounds the circumstances behind Tokona’s death… while it is believe that he suffered a stroke, it is rumored that Yakuzas were not to happy with Tokona for whatever reason… and laced his normal stash with some bad drugs. Sad times.

Whatever the case (boy I hope the Yakuza don’t come after my ass, lol), dude was fairly ill, and deserves a bit of your time. Check the Rhime. ©….

So yeah. This is what I’m into lately. And I’m just barely scratching the surface… theres so much more that I dont know and want to find out. Step by step I am learning. This is just adding to the trip to Japan I’ve been planning out for years. I cant wait to get there.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my random babbles.


This post is for John, Daisuke, and that awesome dude who came up to me at Kaki’s show last night and told me he was a fan of my blog. That was really, REALLY sweet of you. Thank you.


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