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Sleepy Sun. The Truth and The Future. The Californian Way and The Light.

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California Winning.

This is sounding like the things musical win is made of, and I am geeked for it.

Sleepy Sun, a great new band composed of many members from many parts of California, have created an interesting and promising new sound that I am currently falling in love with. Already two albums in,  this band is some kinda amazing blend of blues rock + progressive shoegazing + psychedelic rock + classic laid back california sound = Sleepy Sun’s last stunning release, “Fever.” Everything I wanted Silversun Pickups to do/sound like;  Everything I’ve wanted out of a rock band for a minute. For the love of Music Jebus… keep this up kids.

Of course I have links for you to check out… You can listen to Red/Black…. my favorite song from their first album “Embrace…” Or you can check out my new favorite tracks…. Desert God and Open Eyes from “Fever.”

And remember who told you first.
(Thanks, NoPayne.)


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