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I’ve been telling you for like, 3 years that the D’Angelo album is real. Here’s more proof.

Like, a major point of this sites existences stems from either saving vh1soul or trying to tell you that THE D’ANGELO ALBUM IS REAL. So yeah, if his studio manager tweeting about the album wasnt ...

Jan, 15

Just in case you missed it: Jose James on Conan O’Brien performing new single ‘Trouble.’

Wow. It’s like someone at Team Coco found the nerdery, and has been hand picking all the music I love to feature on the show as of late. First they feature the amazing Lianne La ...

Dec, 20

New Music | Listen – Natalie Duncan: Keep Her Smiling. Links:

Still trying to fill the void that Amy Winehouse left in my little musical soul, I find myself diving headfirst into Natalie Duncan’s discography, story and sound. I pointed out how awesome her single Devil In ...

Oct, 02

New Music | Artist: Ophelia Cache. She does not suck at all; take a listen.

In one word? Impressive. And I am not easily impressed at this stage of the game. But Ophelia Cache? Yeah. This might be worth getting a bit hyped over. Submitted by the ever-lovely I AM ...

Aug, 20

Update: Its Official – It looks like Vh1Soul is going to be just fine after all.

So after being very close to joining its cousin vh1Rock as a distant television memory, and after (valid) talks of Ryan Seacrest possibly taking over the network in full, I do have some great news ...

Aug, 20

The sound engineer for D’Angelo’s new album announces its almost done; no one pays attention.

Oh but *I* did. So remember how I’ve been telling you for the last two years that D’Angelo is actually making attempts to get back to his music? Well, now that all your favorite media ...

Aug, 10

New Music | Artist: Natalie Duncan – Devil In Me. Listen to this.

Natalie Duncan is AMAZEBALLS. Im not going to get into it too much just yet, as I am working on a post that demonstrates the UK coming to kick America’s ass in soul music, and ...

Aug, 07


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