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So I know you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been lately | Music Nerdery and Prefix Magazine join forces to create Voltron.

  Well, no you probably haven’t. LoL. Hey kids. Long time, no post, I know. But your girl has been incredibly busy over here. So lets start from the beginning… but keep it brief. Really, […]

Sep, 30

Don’t worry kids. I didn’t disappear. Just some technical difficulties.

Helping out around the BET awards, focusing on some side projects, looking for some extra work on the side, bronchitis and general life fuckery has my attention at the moment. Just give me a few […]

Jul, 03

Thanks for space. I’m coming around.

  Hey kids. Sorry to disappear. Personal armageddon, massive work load, itinerary changes, monetary switch ups, boy-crush disappointments (the fuck? you knew I liked you) and mini-heartbreak have kinda taken the wind out of me. I really […]

Apr, 26

I need to take a break, kids.

Hey everyone. I know you’re wondering where the hell I am. Sorry about that. I should have did this last week, but I gotta take a break for a quick while. Several reasons. 1. New […]

Nov, 02

Computer Armageddon Ending; Tours and Schools Starting.

Hey everyone. Sorry for going MIA, but I know you guys already know the backstory with the computer. Well, it looks like computer armageddon is coming to an end shortly. With the new iMac 27 […]

May, 08

I didn’t go anywhere. This is what had happened:

*Reformatting the site with Chris Edwards is almost done. A bit longer than we’d all like, but it’s getting done. *Kaki is on tour, caught the bufu bird which then caught AIDS, which then caught […]

Mar, 25
Dr. King. Im really happy for your day and all, and Ima let you finish….

Dr. King. Im really happy for your day and all, and Ima let you finish….

Okay. So I have a thing for Kanye Related LOL photos. I just wanted to post this for no real reason. While I post this well timed LoL, I’ll get you updated on the move. […]

Jan, 17


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