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D’Angelo to perform at Essence Jazz Festival: His First American Concert in over 10 years. Links –

While on the runs this morning, I stumbled across some awesomeness which confirms the rumors I have been hearing for a while… D’Angelo is now set to start his first tour through America, starting with […]

May, 03

Dee 1 and MURS hit the West Coast together May 5th | MURS teams up with LACMA for some Hip Hop Nerdery.

Even though the tour somehow manages to miss the LA County line, I still have to big up and support two of my favorites teaming up and getting money together on the West Coast. Dee-1 […]

May, 02

Video | Live: Rachelle Ferrell and Jennifer Hudson on stage together. This is kind of important. Also; Rachelle’s Los Angeles Tour Dates.

I wish I could see this happen more often. The teaming up of the original school, the talent that we grew up listening to as kids reaching out and cheer ‘em on as adults. It does […]

Mar, 25

Concerts: Company of Thieves teams up with Grouplove for a US Spring Tour. Fuck. Yes.

Other than completely skipping over Los Angeles, theres nothing but happiness in this post. Two of my favorites are teaming up for a nice bid around the US. Should be fun with Company of Thieves […]

Feb, 24

Links | Photo: Fiona Apple posts ominous date on Facebook. Her fanbase implodes on itself.

So. Earlier in the month, there was word that Fiona might be dropping some kind of project soon or at least expanding the smaller shows she was doing with Jon Brion over at Largo into […]

Feb, 17

News: The Arctic Monkeys drop new single | video; extend tour with The Black Keys.

So remember when I was telling you about The Black Keys going on tour with the Arctic Monkeys (at first it was The Arcade Fire, I was SO wrong)? Well the feed back was so […]

Jan, 10

The Black Keys are going on tour with The Arctic Monkeys. This is all winning.

Brought to my attention by the almighty Brooklyn Vegan, It looks like The Black Keys have set a pretty large Touring Plan… which includes teaming up with The Arctic Monkeys. Now there is a show […]

Dec, 11


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