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Can someone help us find out what this is? Is this Kanye Tracklisting real? Rich Black American?

You know, this could just be a great work of Photoshop, but if not…. work needs to be done to find out more. Immediately. I really dont know whats going on with this myself, I just […]

Feb, 03

Lianne La Havas reveals album cover/tracklisting for Is Your Love Big Enough?

With just a month left before Lianne La Havas drops her first full LP with Warner Brothers (August 9th for the United States), Lianne shares the cover of the new album (Photo by Ravi Dhar) and […]

Jun, 12

No seriously STFU and listen to me: This new Bobby Womack track sounds absolutely amazing.

Pointed out by Prefix and cosigned by me, Bobby Womack (K-Ci’s musical father) just came through and blew my mind with this amazing soul/jazz/blues music track of awesome he just released to the internets. His […]

May, 01

New Track ‘Halftime;’ 90 Second Clips from Amy Winehouse’s new record along with full tracklisting here:

Amy, Amy, Amy.

Dec, 02

Praise Hip Hop Jebus: The Danny Brown | Black Milk EP is REAL. Black and Brown! = 11.1.11.

Because if you were listening to that real Hip Hop, you would already know that Black Milk had one of the surprise victories of 2010 with “Album of The Year.” Boy I love an aptly […]

Sep, 30

Another #MayerMondays brings us the Tracklisting for Mayer Hawthorne’s newest album.

So first he announces the album title via twitter. Now he goes all in and lets the full tracklisting for his newest project out “How Do You Do,” due out 10.11.11. So far, its 12 […]

Sep, 26

Is anyone else noticing the Red Hot Chili Peppers popping up all over the Internets? Yeah.

In case you didn’t notice…. It looks like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are gearing up their Social Media game for their new album release, “I’m With You.” Starting a brand new twitter account a […]

Jun, 14


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